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Dark Room

NameDark Room v1.0
AuthorClive Crous
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionAdds a new glyph that represents dark parts of room.
 This patch splits the dual functionality of the "unexplored/dark area" glyph into two separate glyphs. one for unexplored areas, and one for dark parts of a room. a new tile for "Darkroom" areas is also supplied. it only comes into affect if "lit_corridor" and "color" are both on, it then draws a black "." for dark parts of a room.

one immediate benefit of this, is for example if returning to the gnomish mines after previous explorations the areas you have already traversed are now clearly marked out. also, it's easy to distinguish between dark areas vs unexplored areas.

the only pitfall with this patch is that the tty window port draws the colour black as "blue" which seems a bit odd at first, but still works fine.
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AddedFebruary 12, 2005 12:28
ChangedAugust 28, 2006 16:36
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5bkJanuary 26, 2016 22:36
that's what really missing on NAO[Quote]
5scummosJune 16, 2010 22:45
I don't want to play without it any more.[Quote]
5DargorSeptember 14, 2008 00:38
Now I can found a dark room without been angry. Thanks ![Quote]
 paxedAugust 28, 2006 16:37
Philip Potter wrote:

Link is broken. It's a shame, I liked the idea!

Local download is now enabled for this.[Quote]
 Philip PotterAugust 27, 2006 13:39
Link is broken. It's a shame, I liked the idea![Quote]
5IrashtarMarch 12, 2005 08:20
It changes the game, but only slightly. five thumbs up![Quote]

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