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Limited Floating Eye Warning

NameLimited Floating Eye Warning 1.0
RatingNot rated
AuthorAdam Milazzo
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionWarns the user about attacking floating eyes in limited circumstances
 This patch warns the user before attacking floating eyes when the player has warning, is not wielding Stormbringer, and is not confused, hallucinating, or stunned. This resolves most of the problems of the other floating eye warning patch (Floating eye attack confirmation) noted by commenters: it allows the user to identify rings and amulets based on whether or not a prompt is displayed, it disregards Stormbringer's blood thirst, and it removes most challenge from floating eyes. This patch does not allow identification of objects because it presents the prompt regardless of whether you'd be immune to the gaze attack. It does not prompt if you're wielding Stormbringer. And it preserves some of the risk of floating eyes by not prompting unless the character has warning. The code is also simpler.

In the early game, you have to move cautiously while exploring and if you die you don't lose much, so this patch preserves the danger in the early game. Careless deaths should be part of NetHack. That includes deaths from missteps when you're in an unexplored area or when the danger is visible (e.g. lava). But it shouldn't include missteps when you're running back to your stash through a corridor you've already explored hours ago. In the later game, you shouldn't have to step slowly down already-explored corridors in case a floating eye will appear. That's too tedious, and not fun.
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AddedAugust 16, 2014 06:01
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