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Paranoid Quit

NameParanoid Quit v1.0
AuthorJukka Lahtinen, David Damerell, Jonathan Nieder, Stanislav Traykov
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionRequires you to type
 This patch makes the commands #q (quit) and X (change to explore mode) (if the option paranoid_quit is on), and the prompts for hitting peaceful monsters (if options confirm and paranoid_hit are on) and leaving wizard mode bones (regardless of runtime options), expect a typed "yes" instead of just 'y'. Every other response will be treated as "no".
Now it also forces the menu to be shown with the 'T' and 'R' commands even when there is only one item to be taken off or removed, if the additional paranoid_remove option is set.

Apply the patch and add
#define PARANOID
in your include/config.h and OPTIONS=paranoid_hit,paranoid_quit,paranoid_remove in your configuration file.
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AddedJanuary 30, 2005 18:37
ChangedSeptember 25, 2012 13:48
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5AmyNovember 28, 2013 07:23
Thanks a lot for this patch! I just applied it successfully to Slash'Em after accidentally losing a promising caster to an inadvertent quit yesterday, I actually wanted to save but hit the quit hotkey instead. Argh. Now this will hopefully happen to me no longer thanks to this patch! Thanks again! :)[Quote]
5xenosozDecember 30, 2012 10:31
I love this patch. I added paranoid_die option for Explore (and Wizard) mode.[Quote]
 JukkaMarch 19, 2008 15:13
To SheeEttin: I think it's more user friendly to treat everything that is not "yes" as "no" than to require explicit "no".[Quote]
4SheeEttinJanuary 26, 2007 19:29
Shouldn't all other answers be given a "try again" (except "no" and variants thereof)?[Quote]
5bobbensJuly 15, 2006 13:48
just awesome for VIMkeys on a qwerty keyboard[Quote]
5LenzMarch 19, 2006 12:26
This patch is very helpful, would have saved my life several times if I knew
earlier. :)

One feature I miss: The patch should also accept only [yes/no] when leaving the
dungeon in the 1st level![Quote]
5MLApril 08, 2005 22:42
Very handy. It's saved my gave a couple of times![Quote]

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