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NameDYWYPISI? 0.3.4
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionAdds identification details to the dumplog
 Do you want your possessions' identification status identified?

This patch is mainly written for NetHack servers that dump end-of-game information into a file for public viewing and commentary; eg. with Jukka Lahtinen's "dumplog" patch It modifies the dumplog to include information that the character did not know, in [square brackets]. For example:

Do you want your possessions identified? [ynq] (n) y

f - a [cursed] circular amulet [of change]
k - a [cursed] triangular amulet [of restful sleep]
o - an [uncursed] octagonal amulet [versus poison]
a - an uncursed +0 katana
b - an uncursed +0 wakizashi (alternate weapon; not wielded)
c - an uncursed +0 yumi
d - 44 uncursed +0 ya (in quiver)
B - an [blessed rustproof +1] long sword named Excalibur [the Excalibur] (weapon in hand)
e - a blessed rustproof +0 splint mail (being worn)
n - an [uncursed +0] ornamental cope [cloak of protection]
r - an [uncursed] +0 cloak of displacement (being worn)
i - 2 [uncursed cockatrice] eggs
m - an [uncursed stale] egg
l - a [blessed] tin [of spinach]
T - an [uncursed] papyrus spellbook [the Book of the Dead]
K - an [uncursed] moonstone ring [of protection from shape changers]
P - a [cursed rustproof] iron ring [of aggravate monster]
R - an [uncursed] wand of secret door detection [0:15]
S - an [uncursed rustproof] iron wand [of make invisible (0:5)]
g - an [uncursed +0] unicorn horn
h - an [uncursed] harp [koto]
z - an [uncursed] bag [of holding]
N - an [uncursed] bag [of holding]
U - an [uncursed] black gem [worthless glass]
X - an [uncursed] white gem [opal]
Z - 2 [uncursed] black gems [obsidian stones]

The bag of holding is empty.

Contents of the bag of holding:
2 [uncursed] clear potions [of water]
a clear potion [of holy water]
an [uncursed] cyan potion [of gain level]
an [uncursed faint] tan spellbook [of force bolt]
an [uncursed] unlabeled scroll [of blank paper]
a [cursed] scroll labeled KIRJE [of gold detection]
3 [uncursed] scrolls called identified [of identify]

You can try out this patch on the server or the UnNetHack server
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AddedDecember 06, 2009 16:46
ChangedMay 19, 2011 17:12
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5scummosJuly 06, 2010 12:32

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