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Coloured Walls and Floor

NameColoured Walls and Floor v1
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionRecolours the walls and floor of special dungeon regions in TTY mode
 * Beehive walls and floors are yellow.
* The walls of the Wizard's tower are magenta.
* Other walls in Gehennom (except for the Valley) are red, and the floor is orange, except in Juiblex's lair, where it's green.
* The Mines' walls are brown, except for room walls.
* The Astral Plane's walls are white.
* Altars are white, gray, black or red depending on alignment, except for Astral altars, which are bright magenta.
* The Valley of the Dead is drained of colour - it appears in grayscale. (Note: this isn't the same as the rogue level's monochrome.)
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AddedJune 04, 2007 17:34
ChangedSeptember 10, 2010 23:26
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5BulwersatorMay 30, 2013 13:46
Great idea, especially in the Mines![Quote]
5scummosJune 16, 2010 22:44
Awesome. This makes the game really, really more fun to play.
Did you notice that the walls in Mine's End where the secret doors are randomly placed aren't colored?[Quote]
5ai0February 07, 2008 22:49
I like colors! The second valuable patch after hpmon.[Quote]
5EdrobotAugust 01, 2007 21:15
This ought to be on[Quote]
5gunsJune 05, 2007 09:10
This patch adds a lot of atmosphere to the game; the gnomish mines and gehennom seem much less monotonous, and converting an altar is more satisfying.

I use it with the heck^2 patch, which it conflicts with unfortunately. This could be remedied with a bit of code, but simply commenting out the red walls in gehennom and keeping the orange floors will work, while keeping the feeling of the original.[Quote]

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