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Quiver Fired Ammunition

NameQuiver Fired Ammunition v1.0
AuthorJukka Lahtinen
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionFiring without anything quivered will ask you what to quiver.
 Normally, when you use the f (fire) command and you have no ammunition quivered, the game just says you have no ammunition quivered and then just prompts you what to throw and leaves you with nothing quivered.
With this patch, in the same situation, the game will first prompt you what you want to quiver (like the Q command) and then fire whatever you chose to quiver.

Install the patch, #define QUIVER_FIRED in your config.h, compile and turn on the additional quiver_fired option to use the feature.

Does not break saves or bones.
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AddedApril 26, 2007 17:26
ChangedSeptember 25, 2012 13:48
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5KiloByteJanuary 05, 2008 23:56
Damn useful, no downsides.[Quote]

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