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Intelligent Pet Patch

NameIntelligent Pet Patch 0.1.2
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionIntelligent pets are now more intelligent and vastly more useful!
 This patch incorporates five distinct sub-patches meant to extend the abilities of intelligent pets to make them more useful. They are:

1) Pet weapon/armour handling enhancement. Intelligent pets can now use ranged weapons effectively, and can use any attack against other monsters that monsters can use against you (wands, thrown potions, etc.). To complement this, they actively seek out better weapons and armour to use, only taking them if they sense that you already have something equal or greater in usefulness. They are now able to use scrolls of remove curse - no more cursed thoroughly corroded -3 daggers in the hands of your pet. Further, monsters can cast most spells against other monsters (the exception being summon nasties - see below).
2) Self-polymorphed monster spell casting - you can cast monster spells while polymorphed. Undirected monster spells make use of #monster, and directed spells are activated in normal combat. (This was implemented as it was very easy to do so after implementing monsters casting spells at each other.)
3) Pet monster summoning, which has been implemented separately and disabled by default to to the author's perception that it is extremely unbalancing. With this enabled, pets can summon tame nasties as a monster spell (and so can you, if the patch to allow you to cast monster spells is enabled). It is recommended that you do not enable this (except for interest's sake)!
4) Pet satiation. Pets are intelligent enough not to eat if they've eaten enough sufficiently recently, but can choke if you feed them too much. Intelligent pets will refuse to eat if they can choke, and will keep food rations with them if you have food yourself.
5) Monster aggression towards pets - since your intelligent pets are so much more powerful, it is in the interests of monsters to take them into account when selecting a target, and so they can now! This includes all of the abilities your pets can use against them, so they will take ranged weapon fire in addition to close-combat damage.

0.1.2 is a backport of the latest version of this code from GruntHack; amongst other fixes, it improves ranged targeting behaviour (pets will target the strongest monster they can hit, subject to most of the same restrictions as close combat), allows throwing useful items to pets to have them catch it and use/store said items, and prevents non-intelligent pets from hoarding items.

I am certain that bugs exist in this, as it is simply too large for the contrary. If you encounter them, please report them - or fix them yourself and let them know that you've done so. :)
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AddedOctober 17, 2006 02:38
ChangedJanuary 06, 2013 01:58
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2Ozma777October 14, 2016 04:10
GregorJ wrote:

I like the idea. Unfortunately, this patch is incompatible with L's great "Monster Spells Patch" [], which makes encounters with spellcasters much more interesting.

L's patches almost ALWAYS are incompatible (at least all of his patches here and in my own experience have comments to that effect)
My advise (since you more than likely will NEVER be able to contact him) is to backup your unmodified code and then "hand code" it if you are unsure whether it is compatible. Sometimes if you put things in a slightly different order it MIGHT work.

also mingw has a "feature" that sometimes ignores files that are "older" (i.e. your backup unmodified by the patch files) just add -B as a switch and it will force rebuild everything.[Quote]
 BulwersatorJanuary 04, 2013 10:37 is a correct link[Quote]
5AntherMarch 11, 2008 15:57
Monster-to-monster targeting has always been a glaring lack in the game, if you ask me. Nice to see that someone's finally remedied it. Does this work with the grudge patch?[Quote]
5gunsMarch 10, 2008 08:31
Oh forgot to vote. This patch is great![Quote]
 gunsMarch 10, 2008 08:30
jonas wrote:

hm, could you release them seperately, or at least a combined nr. 1) and 5) patch?

Of course, this reply is one and a half years late, but...

He already did. Just comment out the '#define's that you don't like in config.h[Quote]
4GregorJFebruary 04, 2007 21:05
I like the idea. Unfortunately, this patch is incompatible with L's great "Monster Spells Patch" [], which makes encounters with spellcasters much more interesting.[Quote]
 jonasOctober 25, 2006 01:26
hm, could you release them seperately, or at least a combined nr. 1) and 5) patch?[Quote]

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