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Label-Reading Patch

NameLabel-Reading Patch
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionRead the writing on various non-scroll objects!
 This Label-Reading Patch allows you to finally (attempt to) read any writing found on the surfaces of these objects:

*Credit cards (it even displays an embossed number unique to each card).
*Magic markers.
*Runed objects.
*The Orb of Fate.
*Tins (actually, it tells you that the label is missing).
*Candy bars (ditto).
*Cans of grease (ditto).

Also, I noticed some similarities in code between this patch and the Coin Flipping patch. So, I've merged it with this patch and, in doing so, fixed some bugs in the Coin Flipping patch as well:

*Accidentally dropping the coin onto various terrain (such as holes) is now properly handled.
*Coins are no longer prompted in the "use or apply" prompt.
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AddedMay 27, 2006 04:42
ChangedSeptember 10, 2010 23:43
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 paxedApril 07, 2008 16:49
AnMaster wrote:

Download is broken has dns problems.[Quote]
 AnMasterApril 07, 2008 16:09
Download is broken[Quote]
4missingnoApril 29, 2007 17:53
YAFM idea to add to this - Reading a monster statue reveals "Made in China" on the bottom.[Quote]
5kundorNovember 05, 2006 23:14
I believe he was asking whether normal credit cards can be described as "Yendorian Express - Platinum Card", since it seems that should be reserved for the artifact.[Quote]
5LJuly 07, 2006 06:59
In all honesty I don't think there's a compelling reason to ever add a second artifact credit card.

Also, literacy is correctly checked in this patch.[Quote]
4John H.May 29, 2006 22:22
Only things I wonder about, after a cursory look through the patch, is whether non-Tourist-quest-artifact credit cards can have the "Yendorian Express - Platinum Card" description, and if these various uses of the Read command should break illiteracy conduct (they should).a[Quote]

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