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Key Rebinding

NameKey Rebinding v1.0
AuthorJason Dorje Short
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionAllows a simple rebinding of keys to any command
 This patch will allow simple rebinding of keys (any standard keyboard
key, or a control- or meta- invocation of such) to any command. It will
allow limited changing of the regular (non-number-pad) directional and
special (e.g. "G") keys. It will allow the mapping of one key to a key
combination (e.g. macros). It will allow the changing of which extended
commands (there are now a lot of them) are autocompleted (e.g. #ride and
#quit can be turned off). Finally, it shouldn't have any detrimental
effect on players who don't wish to take advantage of its features.
Download or Get it from us (68.7 Kb)
AddedAugust 31, 2005 18:25
ChangedJune 26, 2006 22:25
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5bobbensJuly 15, 2006 13:40
this is definately neede for us dvorak users on laptops[Quote]

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