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^T Level Teleporter Jump Patch

Name^T Level Teleporter Jump Patch 0.01
ForNetHack 3.4.3
Description^T while standing on a level teleporter activates the trap.
 Sometimes (especially if you have teleport control) you *want* to use a teleportation trap. Pressing ^T while standing on a intralevel teleporter will print "You jump onto the teleportation trap." and activate the trap. For a level teleporter, however, the only way to use the trap is to remove any and all objects providing MR (CoMR, Eye of Aethiopica, Grey DSM, wielded Magicbane, ...), step off of the trap, and then step back onto it.

This patch modifies the ^T command slightly so that if invoked while standing on a level teleporter, the game asks "There is a level teleporter here. Jump in? [yn]". If the user chooses 'y', the teleporter is activated as if you had no MR. Choosing 'n' will fall through to the original logic (using the Teleport Away spell, or exploiting teleportitis with TC).
Download or Get it from us (2.8 Kb)
AddedMay 27, 2005 05:00
ChangedJuly 25, 2009 14:37
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 paxedJuly 25, 2009 14:38
I enabled the local download.[Quote]
4DaveJuly 22, 2009 10:35
This link seems dead. Anyone have a copy they might care to share?[Quote]
4blindcoderMay 28, 2005 14:33
I like it, though as mentioned, I'd prefer a ynq instead of a yn with q
escaping out of the ^T entirely.[Quote]

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