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1Yuichi KobayashiNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedDisplays bar of HP and Pw behind your name and rank of the status line.
2Vitaly OstrosablinNetHack 3.6.1Not ratedAutomatic save-and-quit after N turns
3tungtnNetHack 3.6.080%Custom rule-based coloring for status fields and visual bar for hit points
4Topi LinkalaNetHack 3.4.360%Allows the insertion of Amulet of Yendor, Candelabrum of Invocation, Bell of Opening and Book of Dead into a container.
5Topi LinkalaNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedConfirms attacks on peaceful monsters when applying a polearm
6Topi LinkalaNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedChanges X from explore mode to twoweaponing and allows user to configure (un)locking confirmation
7Topi LinkalaNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedAllows one to bypass the confirmation of untrap attempt on a lone container.
8Topi LinkalaNetHack 3.4.360%If you wish for an artifact there is a chance that the owner of that artifact arrives with the artifact.
9Topi LinkalaNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedSome funny messages if one (reverse) genocides Trolls
10Topi LinkalaNetHack 3.4.374%No more credit cloning.
11TomsodNetHack 3.6.2Not ratedAllows sacrificing found artifacts to reduce artifact counter
12TomsodNetHack 3.6.1100%Adds a magical candle that detects unseen in its light radius
13TomsodNetHack 3.6.1Not ratedWand of make invisible turns closed doors into secret doors
14Taihyun HwangNetHack 3.4.3100%Anybody can enter wizard mode with -D option.
15Stevie-ONetHack 3.4.380%^T while standing on a level teleporter activates the trap.
16Stan JedrusNetHack 3.4.380%Includes several other patches and some pieces of Slash'em
17Stanislav TraykovNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedAdds one or more additional item categories for selection in drop/put_in/take_out menus.
18Stanislav TraykovNetHack 3.4.390%Key bindings which you can change in the config file.
19Stanislav TraykovNetHack 3.4.360%Lets you apply any lootable objects from inside a container.
20Stanislav TraykovNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedMakes part of the Qt code more POSIX-compliant by eliminating calls to the BSD scandir() function.
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