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#NameAuthorForRatingShort description
21aosdictNetHack 3.6.0Not ratedGnomes take severe damage from coming into contact with eggs
22Arcane CossackNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedAn alternative to the slightly cheap Doppleganger; A spear based role with a tendency towards polymorphing.
23Arcane CossackNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedA new role based off the peddlers of the dungeon.
24Arthur O'DwyerNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedReading a non-cursed scroll of light while confused turns all your royal jelly into candles
25Arthur O'DwyerNetHack 3.4.3100%Wish for "the gnome's aklys".
26Arthur O'DwyerNetHack 3.4.3100%New interactions for #sit
27bd_NetHack 3.4.3Not ratedOracle gives bonus cookies
28bd / BugsBunnySanNetHack 3.6.0Not ratedThis patch allows one to select a non-default form, i.e. it allows you to do an initial, permanent polymorph, when starting the game.
29Benjamin SchiederSlash'em 0.0.7E7Not ratedAdds the Jedi Class to SLASH'EM
30Benjamin SchiederNetHack 3.4.380%Split boulders with martial arts
31Benjamin SchiederNetHack 3.4.360%Lets you make a grave for your pet
32Benjamin SchiederNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedAdds rings of cold and heat
33Benjamin SchiederSlash'em 0.0.7E6F2Not ratedThis adds mail support for dgamelaunch to SLASH'EM 0.0.7E7
34Benjamin SchiederNetHack 3.4.390%Adds a new artifact robe, Snakeskin
35Benjamin SchiederSlash'em 0.0.7E7Not ratedPort of the sortloot patch for Slash'em 007E7
36Bent DalagerNetHack 3.4.380%Makes Yendorian Army soldiers slightly more clever
37Bent DalagerNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedFixes the 0-turn wrest bug.
38Bobby DurrettNetHack 3.6.0Not ratedAdds scroll/wand/spell of building which creates walls, doors, room, and corridor squares
39Bobby DurrettNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedMinor bug fix to cause gold dropped on altar to stack with gold from dead priest
40BrilliandNetHack 3.4.3100%Adds empty potion bottles to the game
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