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#NameAuthorForRatingShort description
301NephiNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedAdds a new object: vacuum cleaner
302Michael LehotayNetHack 3.4.3100%Fixes bugs with cursed bags of holding.
303Ray ChasonNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedChanges needed to compile and run with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition
304ChiNetHack 3.4.192%Makes Vlad much tougher
305LNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedMakes fancier-looking corridors between rooms
306Mike LundyNetHack 3.4.342%This adds the wand of the Infinite Kitten
307GruntNetHack 3.4.386%Combining wands and potions of gain ability now have plausible effects.
308Dylan StrebNetHack 3.6.0Not ratedusability enhancements for water walking and warns when walking into lava/water
309Pasi KallinenNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedChanges the '/'-command to use a menu and adds an option to query inventory items.
310Pasi KallinenNetHack 3.4.080%Adds a new item, whetstone.
311Pasi KallinenNetHack 3.4.390%Adds different messages to death reason, if you die while busy doing something else.
312André BertelliNetHack 3.4.270%Adds new whips and an artifact to Nethack, so that the whips skill can be more useful.
313skeetoNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedTranslates IBMgraphics into C wide characters for printing in the current locale
314Ray ChasonNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedW343-3 (funny characters) and W343-4 (nhraykey.dll) fixes
315Pasi KallinenNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedAllows user to define if menus and text-windows are left or right aligned.
316André BertelliNetHack 3.4.280%Adds a new item, wizard staff, that can be used to store energy and release it later, when the player has no more energy to cast a spell.
317Pasi KallinenNetHack 3.4.1100%Allows the user to set whether some actions ask for confirmation.
318Bent DalagerNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedFixes the 0-turn wrest bug.
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