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#NameAuthorForRatingShort description
21Sam DennisNetHack 3.4.0Not ratedExtended command autocompletes a little bit more intelligently.
22Patric MuellerNetHack 3.4.3100%Autoconf configuration and compilation
23Malcolm RyanNetHack 3.4.380%When you attack a monster, you will fire ammo instead of hitting with your missile launcher.
24Mikael LindNetHack 3.4.370%Automated skill management
25Aardvark JoeNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedadds a new option "autotakeoff" which controls whether the 'T' and 'R' commands display a prompt when there is only one accessory or piece of armor to take off.
26NephiNetHack 3.4.380%Changes the behavior of the Bag of Tricks to something a little more interesting than a wand of create monster in bag form.
27André BertelliNetHack 3.4.360%Adds a new player role, the Bard.
28Nicholas Aodhagan WebbNetHack 3.4.276%Lots of new monsters and other stuff.
29Clive CrousNetHack 3.4.380%Makes one pit in the game belong to Brad, lucky you to find it
30Malcolm RyanNetHack 3.4.376%Brewing potions using juice and molds
31Bobby DurrettNetHack 3.6.0Not ratedAdds scroll/wand/spell of building which creates walls, doors, room, and corridor squares
32ais523NetHack 3.4.3Not ratedeasily make a temporary NetHack build
33LNetHack 3.4.390%Breaking an expensive camera may release the picture-painting demon inside
34Malcolm RyanNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedMonsters can use wands of cancellation.
35Malcolm RyanNetHack 3.4.352%Cancellation will disarm a magical trap
36Malcolm RyanNetHack 3.4.370%A lit candle dropped on an altar with burn brightly or dimly depending on your prayer status.
37Nicholas Aodhagan WebbNetHack 3.4.382%Cats come running when you use a can opener in real life, so why not in NetHack too?
38Pasi KallinenNetHack 3.4.3100%Random maze levels will change slightly during game
39Pasi KallinenNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedMoves {IBM,DEC,MAC}graphics options into a single compound option
40Clive CrousNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedSee each monster move individually
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