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Pet Ranged Attack

NamePet Ranged Attack v1.0
AuthorDarshan Shaligram
ForNetHack 3.4.1
DescriptionPets can use ranged attacks, eg. breath
 Also adds:

-Some monster intrinsics can time out
-Monsters get to use more spells
Download (130.5 Kb)
AddedJanuary 31, 2005 11:08
ChangedMay 29, 2006 15:33
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4Ozma777October 14, 2016 03:51
Might be that in order to make it compatible with monster spells patch (and to make it work without failed hunks) you need to "hand code" it. I think I got it to work with slashem but I can't remember (since I have added a whole lot of patches).[Quote]
 Eric HermanJune 25, 2011 01:07
Looks to have good ideas, but unfortunately this patch does not apply cleanly to nethack-3.4.3 source:

Hunk #3 FAILED at 621.
1 out of 3 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file src/steal.c.rej

After a few minutes of fooling around, I've concluded it's not just a simple fix like moving the block to the new location.[Quote]
4GregorJFebruary 04, 2007 21:06
I like the idea. Unfortunately, this patch is incompatible with L's great "Monster Spells Patch" [], which makes encounters with spellcasters much more interesting.[Quote]
5John H.April 18, 2006 08:01
Pet ranged attacks are one of those things that has been a long time in coming. It might have unforseen game effects, but I think this is a case where, if it does, it should be balanced around, not excluded.[Quote]

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