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NameBiodiversity v1.0
AuthorNicholas Aodhagan Webb
ForNetHack 3.4.2
DescriptionLots of new monsters and other stuff.
 Major parts of Biodiverisity Patch:
WEBB_COLOR corrects Dark Blue and Bright Cyan for windows tty
WEBB_FOOD_NAMES Provides for culinary names for some corpses (eg: deer would be venison.
WEBB_TEXT_FIX Fixes a few typos, pluralization problems, and adds more alternate spelling support, etc.
WEBB_MUSIC On win32, for playing musical notes, the midi device is used. I'd like to rewrite this and port it to other platforms.
WEBB_ENGR_LIGHT Engravings done in light.
WEBB_WARG_STEED Players that are Orcs can ride wargs (but worse at riding horses).
WEBB_WATERSPOUT_GARGOYLE A gargoyle that spits water.
WEBB_DISINT A Disintegrator is a monster whose touch causes things to disintegrate. Inspired by this thread.
WEBB_GOLDBUG A monster that steals golden items as well as gold. And eats them.
WEBB_CARROLL A Bandersnatch and Jubjub bird. One is dangerous to be around, one is dangerous to be.
WEBB_LAME_MONSTERS A monster(Blemmye) that doesn't exactly fit its genus(xorn). Replacement needed.
WEBB_MCHARM A charm attack for monsters. (they can feign peacefulness)
WEBB_SATYR A charming monster that plays the flute in exchange for "gifts".
WEBB_MUTATED_MONST Rename pre-existing monsters. Some changes to monster mechanics. old names work as alternate names (wishing etc).
kobold chieftain (née lord), dryad (née wood nymph)
Dragons: Firedrake (red), Lindworm (white), Lung Dragon (orange),
Leviathan (blue), Wyvern (green), Guivre (yellow)
Lung dragon scale mail and levitation boots do something cool together.
WEBB_BIODIVERSITY guides: now sell things, Quantum mechanics: first names brought back

l: brownie (break/fix shoes), pooka (charms)
t: labyrinth trapper (changes mazes)
y: will o' wisp (lures you into swamps)
z: bannik (sauna monster), leshy (woodland monster)
Q: clockwork automaton (robots with minds), quark (6 flavors)
U: Umbral hulk (spreads shadows), Hunger Hulk (makes you hungry)
V: Nosferatu (terrifying vampire)
X: otyugh (eats garbage)
ghost: poltergeist (throws things, like knives)
WEBB_TREE Different tree types.
WEBB_ENVIRONMENT Sky, more statues, tree regions, muskegs, additional level description grammar
Download or Get it from us (486.8 Kb)
AddedJanuary 31, 2005 11:03
ChangedApril 11, 2010 19:45
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5PseudonymNovember 16, 2013 01:50
I'm going to sound like a total noob here, but how do I even work this thing?[Quote]
 BulwersatorApril 29, 2013 20:04
I found a bug:

Petrification via engulfing footrice cases in addition disintegration.

Disintegration via engulfing disintegrator causes petrification before disintegration.

bad code:

@@ -1875,8 +2136,11 @@

You("bite into %s.", mon_nam(mdef));
Sprintf(kbuf, "swallowing %s whole", an(mdef->data->mname));
+ instadisintegrate(kbuf);

to replicate: polymorph into trapper, engulf cockatrice (it is not always happening, usually you only bite it).

After surviving petrification (via amulet of life saving or wizmode rejection of death) player will be disintegrated.

fix (on refactored code):[Quote]
5NicholasAugust 26, 2012 18:52
Yes, the hulks are bad puns. But the goal was to add variants (with new flavor) to each monster type, and nonsensical monsters are in the Gygaxian tradition (X was also really troublesome). I made the best of a difficult situation. I changed the dragons (name and character) because they were boring before, iirc I put in entries in the dictionary, so there's no real obfuscation.

If I ever do get back to it, I will look at adding another Greek faerie monster and quark corpses.[Quote]
2syntoticJanuary 14, 2012 08:42
Only so many symbols, only so many colors, unless you want to animate emoticons. Bu new behaviours are welcomed...[Quote]
4Kahran042January 12, 2007 16:53
Blue dragons are desert-dwellers, so leviathan doesn't really make sense for them.[Quote]
2MattJanuary 09, 2007 10:25
Renaming Dragons is a bad idea. The hulks are bad puns. Unfortunately, I dislike most of the new monsters. I do like the rideable wargs.[Quote]
4John H.April 18, 2006 07:34
Despite a couple of questionable newcomers and the fact that different names for colors of dragons is not a good thing (why obfuscate the fact that they're all dragons?), overall more monsties is a good thing.[Quote]
4LOctober 20, 2005 16:48
I changed my mind. Clockwork automatons are too weird for either golems or

Satyrs shouldn't be n's, in my opinion, unless one more Greek faerie monster
was added to the group.

The Hulks, meanwhile, are just dumb puns. Hunger Hulk doesn't ev[Quote]
4LApril 24, 2005 14:55
Why does Leviathan breathe lightning?

Clockwork automatons ought to be golems. Despite the having of minds.

Quarks should leave corpses that "taste up" or "taste charmed."[Quote]
5Malcolm RyanMarch 14, 2005 06:38
I like it.[Quote]

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