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NameWhips v0.5
AuthorAndré Bertelli
ForNetHack 3.4.2
DescriptionAdds new whips and an artifact to Nethack, so that the whips skill can be more useful.
to-hit sdam ldam material
long bullwhip 0 2 2 leather
made out of iron chains -1 4 2 iron
long thorned chainwhip
a better chainwhip. Generated with Balrogs. 0 7 7 mithril
to-hit dam material
the Electric Eel
A long thorned chainwhip that does electric damage.
Confers shock resistance. +3 +10 mithril

The long whips can be used as grappling hooks, to catch far objects or hit far monsters, with an advantage: if you are skilled in whips, and apply a long whip on a flying monster, you will pull it to the ground, stunning it. If it is a medium size monster, your strength must be higher than 17 to do this; if large or huge, higher than 18/50; if gigantic, 25.
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AddedJanuary 31, 2005 00:13
ChangedJanuary 20, 2007 16:27
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 NyssMarch 10, 2008 23:16
And why isn't the "Vampire Killer" Whip an artifact?[Quote]
4AntherJanuary 16, 2008 17:36
Lovely, now iron chains are actually useful for something. Maybe they should cost more with this.[Quote]
3ajardoorJanuary 13, 2008 08:16
Are there any Castlevania references to be had when using it on vampires and Vlad?[Quote]

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