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Waterwalking improvements

NameWaterwalking improvements 1.0
RatingNot rated
AuthorDylan Streb
ForNetHack 3.6.0
Descriptionusability enhancements for water walking and warns when walking into lava/water
 Offers a few improvements to water walking and dealing with pools of water/lava. None of the changes will impact gameplay beyond helping to prevent accidental keystrokes or #calling boots.

-Adds a prompt before walking into a square of lava or water without levitation, flying, an appropriate steed, or known waterwalking. Unidentified water walking boots will still give the prompt, so this does not aid in identification. A warning is always given on the plane of water.
-Formally identifies boots as water walking if used to walk on water. The effect is unambiguous, so this just makes the informal identification formal. Additionally, walking on lava with fireproof boots will make the fireproof status known.
-Allows travel and Go over water and lava if safe as a result of known waterwalking boots, much like levitation/flying. The boots must be sufficiently identified, so this will not aid in identification.
-Putting on water walking boots while underwater (e.g. magical breathing) will formally identify the boots.
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AddedJanuary 04, 2016 18:25
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