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Curses UTF8

NameCurses UTF8
RatingNot rated
AuthorJohn McDole
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionUpdated Curses GUI patch with UTF8 support
 This patch updates the awesome Curses GUI Beta 3 written by Karl Garrison ( and adds support for UTF8graphics from It also updates the in-game options menu to correctly toggle between graphics sets, e.g. to switch from UTF8graphics back to the original curses, you would select UTF8 to negate the option and cursesgraphics to enable it.

This patch is meant to be a clean patch on top of 3.4.3. It compiles on Ubuntu and Fedora. Windows & Mac folks... I have no clue.

From curses:
* Dynamic window resizing (e.g. maximizing a terminal window)
* Dynamic configurable placement of status and message windows,
relative to the map
* Makes better use of larger and smaller terminal windows
* Fancier display (e.g. window borders, optional popup dialogs,
splash screen, and better menus)
* Portable "cursesgraphics" option for fancier line-drawing characters for
drawing the dungeon - this should work on most terminals/platforms

From UTF8:
Change terrain feature symbols to UTF8 characters. Only applies when UTF8graphics is on. This takes 41 Unicode codepoints, separated by spaces. Order is the same as DUNGEON.
See also SYMBOL for a much easier way to change a single character type (e.g., "altar") by name.
The following should give an identical output to IBMGraphics:
DUNGEONSYMBOLS = 0x0020 0x2502 0x2500 0x250C 0x2510 0x2514 0x2518 0x253C \
0x2534 0x252C 0x2524 0x251C 0x00B7 0x25A0 0x25A0 0x002B \
0x002B 0x2261 0x00B1 0x00B7 0x2591 0x2592 0x003C 0x003E \
0x003C 0x003E 0x005F 0x007C 0x005C 0x0023 0x2320 0x2248 \
0x00B7 0x2248 0x00B7 0x00B7 0x0023 0x0023 0x0020 0x0023 0x2248

Change monster symbol to UTF8 character. Only applies when UTF8graphics is on. For example:

Change object symbol to UTF8 character. Only applies when UTF8graphics is on. For example:

Change terrain feature symbol to UTF8 character. Only applies when UTF8graphics is on. For example:
would make all altars show up as the Pi symbol (π).

Use UTF-8 (characters for monsters, objects, and dungeon features. Boolean option. Do not use wide-characters as this will render the map incorrectly
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AddedNovember 07, 2015 07:00
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