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Lethe patch

NameLethe patch 1.2.01
AuthorMichael Clarke
ForNetHack 3.3.1
DescriptionThe Lethe patch against NetHack 3.3.1
 This is the Lethe patch against NetHack 3.3.1 . I do NOT own it, but I dived the internet to find it, so I thought I had better put it here. If the authors find it and request it not be here, I will remove it promptly.
Download (1145.8 Kb)
AddedJanuary 23, 2015 16:23
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5AmyJanuary 08, 2018 14:16
Working download link can be found here:[Quote]
1Ozma777June 02, 2016 08:22
broken already[Quote]

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