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Priest Sacrificing

NamePriest Sacrificing v1.0
RatingNot rated
AuthorChris Becker
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionImproves the NPC priest behavior.
Priests can now sacrifice and earn bonuses from sacrificing.
Priests can convert back descerated altars.
Priests can resurrect monsters of their alignment.
Priests of your alignment can resurrect pets.

Still todo:
Non-peaceful high priest sacrificing should yield some minions

You will need to define PRIEST_SACRIFICE in config.h
Download (7.7 Kb)
AddedJanuary 30, 2005 18:21
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 Ozma777July 17, 2016 10:08
thanks bulwersator

(btw) again you should ALSO remove the question what represents a fountain because finding the symbol ⌠ and copy/pasting it is annoying

and grave too....three attempts to post this[Quote]
 BulwersatorJanuary 25, 2013 23:28
archived at[Quote]

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