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Ask Order

NameAsk Order v0.01
AuthorPasi Kallinen
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionAllows the user to define in which order NetHack asks the character creation questions.
 Put this in your configuration file:


where r=role, c=race, g=gender, a=alignment.

TTY only.
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AddedJanuary 30, 2005 17:39
ChangedFebruary 20, 2006 23:00
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1 Comment

5Ozma777September 21, 2017 11:49
Omg awesome!
works in slashem too!
Allows for multiple races attached to letters IF you have alignment asked first it will ONLY display the 2 races that will fit that.
for instance, say you want to have dwarves neutral AND lawful and also more roles that can be dwarven (like wizards) picking a wizard, neutral will give you doppelganger and Dwarf. Picking a wizard, chaotic will give you a doppelganger (lowercase d) and a Drow (uppercase D). Which means you can then make much more races per letter IF they have specific alignment constraints.[Quote]

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