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Dungeon Map Overview

NameDungeon Map Overview 3
AuthorHojita Discordia
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionAdds a dungeon map that records levels and features that the player has seen.
 This patch creates a dungeon map overview that is recorded as the player
explores the dungeon. I was tired of returning to a game a few days later
and having no idea what the dungeon looked like. Trying to name pieces
of armor with shorthand didn't work so well as an intermediate solution
either, especially around nymphs.

It can be assumed that this map is in the mind of the hero and thus
can't be stolen, can be read when blind, or when buried, or when the hero
doesn't have any hands, or eyes, or hands free, or...etc. On the other hand,
this implies that the hero doesn't remember all of the details ("a fountain",
"some fountains", "many fountains") and that the map is subject to amnesia
when applicable.

This overview tracks fountains, altars, stores, temples, sinks, thrones,
trees, and dungeon branches. It attempts to not spoil the player nor
reveal more information than the hero knows. For this reason, it only
tracks dungeon features found in the guidebook and dungeon branches.

This patch breaks save file compatibility. Sorry.

Added commands
#overview (ctrl-o, if not in wizard mode) - displays overview
#annotate (ctrl-n, if using numpad) - names current level

Example Output From #overview
The Dungeons of Doom: levels 1 to level 15
Level 1:
A fountain
Level 3: (My stash.)
An altar, some fountains
Stairs down to The Gnomish Mines
Level 7:
Many fountains
Level 8:
Stairs up to Sokoban, level 7
Level 15:
A general store
Sealed portal to The Quest
DownloadGet it from us (26.2 Kb)
AddedDecember 02, 2006 04:42
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5Ozma777May 24, 2018 07:09
#annotate is something I want on my variant.[Quote]
5ElronndApril 02, 2015 16:16
Must be really good: it was present in the leaked version of vanilla.[Quote]
5scummosJune 16, 2010 22:46
Great. Especially #annotate really makes item management easier a lot.[Quote]
 DargorDecember 24, 2009 17:14
The TOOLSHOP is missing and is printed as "a shop".[Quote]
5DargorJune 29, 2009 14:03
Can't play without this anymore. A must have.[Quote]
 Ken DowneyJune 26, 2008 09:24
I'm a blind player, so this idea sounds wonderful![Quote]
5gunsMarch 10, 2008 06:59
Amazing. I used to keep excruciatingly detailed notes during gameplay (as I suspect the author did), but now I can just focus on playing the game!

5John H.December 16, 2006 00:00
This is an awesome idea![Quote]

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