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Enlightenment dipping

NameEnlightenment dipping v1.0
AuthorAardvark Joe
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionDipping a loadstone into potion of enlightenment turns it into a flint stone
 In rgrn, Displaced Avenger suggested that dipping a loadstone into a potion of enlightenment should turn it into a flint stone. Here is a patch that does that, as well as a couple other similar things. Cursed bags of holding become uncursed, uncursed bags of holding are blessed, and very heavy iron balls (generated by being punished while already punished) are reduced in weight to that of a normal iron ball.

The reasoning behind picking those three is that for all of them, weight is one of their defining characteristics, and the weight is magical in nature. (Yes, I know, debatable in the case of the iron ball.) So a potion of enlightenment isn't going to make your bronze plate mail lighter.
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AddedAugust 02, 2006 17:04
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3AntherNovember 06, 2008 16:11
Enlightenment is funny, yes; but wouldn't levitation make more sense?[Quote]
3A blessed Slime MoldOctober 19, 2008 01:53
Maybe it should only work when confused?[Quote]

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