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NameSortloot 0.1
RatingNot rated
AuthorBenjamin Schieder
ForSlash'em 0.0.7E7
DescriptionPort of the sortloot patch for Slash'em 007E7
 This is a port of the sortloot patch from the NH343 version to S 007E7.
There may still be rough edges, please tell me if you find them.
Download (17.3 Kb)
AddedMay 24, 2005 12:22
ChangedAugust 04, 2008 19:40
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 ElronndMay 04, 2018 00:29
@SpaghettiCat I'm pretty sure he knows, because the day after he commented that, the download link changed to one on *his own website* -- I'm guessing it was previously on a different site before he rehosted it.[Quote]
 SpaghettiCatDecember 10, 2017 13:09
@Benjamin It is on , put in the patch url directly.[Quote]
 Benjamin S.August 03, 2008 06:44
The download link for this patch is broken! Furthermore, does not have an archived copy... Does anyone still have a copy and are willing to share a working download link? Pretty please?[Quote]

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